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Feb 12 '13

In this video, comics journalist Dan Archer talks about his work. At 0:30:23, he mentions a new project, apparently called “The Inca Trail”. It seems to become a very impressive piece of comics journalism.  And it might define a new genre - a combination of comics journalism and newsgames. Archer gives only a short glimpse of the comic, but it feels a bit like Symbolia Magazine meets Broken Sword

Here is what fascinates me the most about “The Inca Trail”: 

  • Multimedia Multitasking. There is a lot of animation going on and you can experience multiple multimedia elements of the story at the same time.
  • Real Interactivity. You can choose which characters you want to interview. And you can even manipulate the main (?) character. Many journalistic comics are somewhat interactive, but in most cases, interactivity means you are only able to activate/deactivate text or sound.

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